Michael Bresnan

Michael Bresnan headshot
Michael Bresnan, PhD

Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher

Michael is one of the Center’s Spiritual Directors and a Resident Teacher. He has been practicing Mahasati Insight Meditation since 1991 and is a licensed psychologist. Michael founded the Wenham Center, Mahasati Insight Meditation Association, North Shore Center for Mindfulness in Beverly and Gloucester, MA, and the Redding Center for Meditation/Wat Sati-Ma, located in Redding, CT.

Michael was born in 1958. While in his twenties, he began investigating Buddhist meditation to alleviate existential suffering. He studied Zen for several years before turning to Mahasati Insight Meditation, which he encountered in 1991 after meeting Tavivat Puntarigvivat, a lay student of the Thai meditation master Lunagpor Teean Jittasubho. In 1992, Michael began studying more intensively with visiting Thai Forest monks, Achan Thong Abhakaro, Achan Da Nilpant, and Achan Niphen Nontamart. Michael quickly realized the value of Mahasati Insight practice and has had a leading role in introducing Luangpor Teean’s teaching and practice to the West.